Our Campaign

Generation Waking Up is a global campaign to ignite a generation of young people to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world.

Our Model

Our campaign operates through three interwoven programs – WakeUp, Thrive, and Synergize.

Our Model

1. Through WakeUp, we use arts, media, and interactive workshops that support young people in seeing who we are as a generation, the global challenges and opportunities before us, and our unique role in shifting the course of humanity.

2. Through Thrive, we offer trainings to empower “awakened” young people with knowledge, skills, capacities, and support for creating lasting social change while deepening their own personal transformation.

3. Through Synergize, we organize local “Hubs” on campuses and in communities, larger-scale movement gatherings, and online collaboration networks to connect young people and youth initiatives across issues to create whole-systems change.

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Our Theory of Change

Looking at the diverse and innovative social change already emerging within our generation, we ask: “what is needed now to ignite a global youth movement broad and deep enough to turn the tide of history?”

Out of this question, we see a call for a campaign that is grassroots, generation-wide, and global.  The “Theory of Change” (which we call Theory G) informing our campaign has three key elements:

1. Awakening in young people a generation-wide identity and global calling,
2. Empowering young people as thriving, 21st-century agents of change, and
3. Mobilizing young people around shared purpose, holistic vision, & collaborative action.

Each element provides a piece of what is needed to bring a broad and deep global youth movement to scale. Together, they produce a profound and lasting transformation in young people’s beliefs and actions, individually and collectively.

We believe that, if we can produce this kind of transformation at a massive scale across our generation, we will see deep social change in every sector of society, out of which will come a shift to a thriving, just, sustainable world.

GenUp Theory of Change

Our Organizing Model

To produce rapid global impact, our programs are self-organizing and scalable.  Leveraging online tools and “on-the-ground” organizing, we empower a global community young people to lead our campaign — on their campuses and in their communities, as well as with friends and allies across the world.

Our organizing model contains five components:

GenUp Organizing Model

1. Local Hubs, which bring the work of GenUp to the campus and community level;

2. Regional Teams, which support Local Hubs and facilitate regional collaboration;

3. Project Teams, which spearhead special initiatives that advance the GenUp mission;

4. A Global Community of Practice, through which GenUp leadership and community comes together globally for dialogue, resource-sharing, and collaboration; and

5. A Global Staff Team, which provides the underlying infrastructure, resources, and support for the global GenUp Community.

Local Hubs

Local Hubs — whether at the campus or community level — are at the very heart of our campaign.  The purpose of a Hub is to ignite a local movement of young people to make their community a demonstration of a thriving, just, sustainable world.  Hubs work to:

- Host WakeUp experiences;
- Organize Thrive leadership trainings and study-action circles; and
- Engage socially conscious youth, and partner with existing social change organizations to deepen synergy and collaboration.

Coordinators are free to create a new organization for their Hub using “Generation Waking Up” branding, or simply identify their existing organization as a GenUp Hub and maintain their existing branding.

Within a Hub, there are several important leadership roles:

GenUp Local Hubs

1) Hub Organizers identify, enroll, and empower Hub leadership; connect diverse local social change initiatives around shared relationships, values, vision and strategy; and support them in mobilizing around collaborative action.  We recommend at least two Organizers for a Hub.

2) WakeUp Facilitators present the WakeUp experience to groups of participants, leaving them ready to take inspired action.

3) Thrive Facilitators lead ongoing Thrive leadership study-action circles for those who wish to deepen their capacities as effective, thriving agents of change.

4) Hub Mentors are older and elder allies who offer wisdom, experience, and support to Hub leaders.

5) Event Coordinators work with other Hub leaders to plan and coordinate event logistics, participant enrollment, and day-of support for GenUp events such as Hub gatherings, WakeUp experiences, and Thrive trainings and workshops.

6) Hub Members work with various Hub leaders to support the success of the Hub.

7) Action Project Coordinators lead the new initiatives, campaigns, and projects that emerge through Hub dialogues, visioning, and strategizing.

Regional Teams

The purpose of a Regional Team is to support the emergence and success of local Hubs, and to facilitate regional coordination and collaboration.  A “Region” can be at any scale — from a continent to a nation, down to a province, state, county, or metropolitan area.  Regional Teams work to:

- Organize region-specific resources;
- Organize regional GenUp Leadership Trainings;
- Facilitate regional dialogue to share best practices and lessons learned, and to coordinate strategy;
- Organize in-person gatherings to build and deepen relationships and community; and
- Connect diverse regional social change initiatives around shared vision and collaborative action.

Within a Regional Team, there are a few important leadership roles:

1) Regional Coordinators identify, enroll, and empower Hub Coordinators and lead efforts for regional coordination and collaboration.
2) Hub Representatives provide channels of communication between local Hubs and with Regional Coordinators.
3) GenUp Leadership Trainers provide trainings for local Hubs and at regional GenUp Leadership Trainings.
4) Regional Mentors are older and elder ellies who offer wisdom, experience, and support to Regional Teams and their member Hubs.

Project Teams

Project Teams spearhead special initiatives that advance the GenUp mission.  They may be local, regional, or global in scope, and they may emerge out of the Global Staff Team or out of the self-organizing of the GenUp Community.

Global Community of Practice

Through the Global Community of Practice, GenUp leadership and community comes together globally for dialogue, resource-sharing, and collaboration, through:

- An online community platform;
- Email listservs and conference calls; and
- In-person gatherings.

Global Staff Team

The purpose of the GenUp Staff Team is to provide the underlying infrastructure, resources, and support that empowers the global GenUp Community to fulfill the GenUp mission.