Jan 7, 2012/03:54 PM

“Theory G” – Our Generation’s Role in Transforming the World

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Generation Waking Up is a global campaign based upon one powerful formula that we call “Theory G” – creating a grassroots, generation-wide, global movement to transform every sector of society.

Our campaign has three key elements:

1. Awakening in young people a generation-wide identity and global calling,
2. Empowering young people as thriving, 21st-century agents of change, and
3. Mobilizing young people around shared purpose, holistic vision, & collaborative action.

Each element provides a piece of what is needed to bring a broad and deep global youth movement to scale. Together, they have the power to create profound and lasting transformation in young people’s lives and actions, individually and collectively.

We believe that, if we can produce this kind of transformation at a massive scale across our generation, we will see deep social change in every sector of society, out of which will come a shift to a thriving, just, sustainable world.

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