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Thrive Bay Area Village Square

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Co-authored by Jeremy Capdevielle

Last month about 20 of us joined together at Thrive Bay Area’s first “Village Square.” It marked the beginning of what will be recurring “Village Squares” where bay area friends will be together and share in meaningful conversation. The theme of the Village Square was the power, abundance and possibilities that emerge when we act as a community, from a place of inherent self worth and value. Through community resource mapping and an inquiry into a series of questions.

Throughout the evening we shared in  conversation around the following:

  • What would the world look like if we awoke each morning with a deeper sense of self-value and shared purpose?
  • What gifts do we individually have to offer and what are the ones that we would be gracious to receive?
  • What will it take for me to trust and share into the community at large?
  • What does it mean to be truly gifted?

The night kicked off with music, tasty nibbles and game of social bingo. After coming together for an engaging check-in and poetry reading we each reflected on the following: What are your talents and skills? What hobbies engage you? And, what issue or community matter burns within you?

Well, it wasn’t a surprise to see that the social tapestry we created was colorful, abundant and profoundly absorbing. It was inspiring and energizing to witness the richness of interests, passions and diversity present, only at the tip of the iceberg. Even more, it is exciting to imagine what is possible when we continue to learn and connect in ways that honor a thriving self and a thriving world.

To live into a culture that gives value to peoples’ inherent capacities, we experimented with a rendition of a gift circle. Everyone had a chance to share each owns needs that arose in the moment and offer in whichever gifts they felt called to. As the Village Squares continue we expect that the process of gifting will evolve and play an integral role in building trust and deeper relationships within the Thrive community. However, that’s for all of us to decide!

I’ve once heard someone say, “In community, there is abundance.” Somehow that’s always stuck with me. The only way to truly become abundant, and thrive as individuals, is to do it within a community. When we expand our idea of self to include those around us we learn that we all have gifts to offer and that, in communion, we are abundant beyond measure.

This was especially apparent after looking at the rich diversity present within the community’s asset map. We are wired for connection, and we crave deeper relationships and a deeper sense of community. We thrive most when we come together for a greater purpose- whether that’s a purpose as grand as saving the world, or as simple as engaging in play together. It’s all important, and it all comes alive when we come together in community.

Thrive Bay Area’s recurring monthly Village Squares are intended to be a container through which we can all come together- to connect, to learn, to act, to collaborate, to celebrate, to thrive! Thrive Bay Area is a community initiative and it is intended to be whatever the community calls for. This container is meant to be ours- to create, co-create, and re-create.

So come join us on May 17th for a night of community building through connection, conversation, and play!


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