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Weaw is here with GenUp.

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Hello GenUp,

My name is Weaw. I’m in Oakland, by way of Tokyo, by way of Bangkok. I am an intern with GenUp for two months in this beautiful summer. Here is a bit of my story:

Traveling back through the time machine and taking a look back on my life: Both of my grandparent migrated from China to Thailand, making me a 3rd generation Chinese. Still, I call myself THAI with Chinese ancestor. Not Thai-Chinese, not Chinese-Thai, or Thai born Chinese, I am Thai. Most of the Chinese people who came to Thailand during my grandparents time were very poor. So they started with labor work. That is the same with my family. My father started his steel business from scratch. My older sister and I are fortunate enough to have received education because of his business. I grew up surrounded with family and many cousins.

Being the youngest in my family, I got all the love and joy. I believe that plays a big part of who I am. Similar to many Thai  people with Chinese ancestry, my family has a strong sense of business. We believed that money and wealth alone would pave our way to a better life. I could not help it though. The thought of receiving food, toys, and clothes which I could not have received when I was a child was very appealing. Money could buy all that for me. So I was gearing myself towards business.

Then, my bubble got poked. I joined one of the world’s largest student-run organization, AIESEC. In one of the sessions during our conference, “State of the World”, I got to feel and realize how fortunate I am. I have all the necessities in life. I have more than I need. I received an education. I had access to a convenient and comfortable life. And I am just a tiny percent of the entire population. Some people never ever have 3 meals per day. Then I start to ask myself ‘What am I here for?’ I got myself all the passion to do good in the world by talking, sharing, reading, listening and acting through volunteering, working, and joining with AIESEC.

Still, I feel called to have more of an answer to my question “What am I here for?”. So I decided to move from putting my passion into action. I strongly believe that Action is louder than words. I like the feeling of seeing results and the taste of accomplishment at the finish lines. My prizes are always the smile and laugh of people. That keeps me driving and doing what I can do best.

With that belief, I got myself working as president of AIESEC in Thailand for one year. Being the facilitator and chair for conferences in local, national, and international levels. I am the founder of a volunteer project call V- STAY: Volunteer – Serve Thailand And Yourself. This was a one year project that provided 30 international volunteers after the tsunami hit Indian Ocean in 2004, in Phang-Nga, Thailand. I went on volunteer internship for professional training in Republic of Moldova for 3 months. There I realized which direction I want to go. I want to work where I can be myself and make people happy and have better quality of life. That is the biggest change of direction for me. I entered social development work since then. My working experiences are around youth empowerment, anti-human trafficking, communities’ empowerment and development, social work, social welfare, and youth forum.

The link between myself and Genup is from Cherine Badawi (Curriculum and Trainings Coordinator for GenUp), who is an alumni of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program through which I am currently pursuing a Masters in Peace and Conflict Resolution in Tokyo. This shows the power of our interconnectedness.

My passion thus far is with youth. I know that with their passion, energy, creativity, and knowledge, the possibilities are limitless. In every conversation or meeting, the room is always filled with the vibe of excitement. Those feelings came to me while I was watching ‘The Story of our Generation” From that moment, came exchanging emails, opening up opportunities, talking over skype, and here I am for a two months summer internship with Generation Waking Up. I am here to learn, explore, share, and connect one side of the globe to another.

Well, that’s me. Let’s stay connected! You can find me at http://about.me/weaw.j

Smiles :-D

Walking with me in Tokyo

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