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GenUp Summer Leadership Academy

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This past July, Generation Waking Up hosted its first seven-day GenUp Summer Leadership Academy at the Whidbey Institute near Seattle, Washington. A group of 44 young people came together from across North America and from five countries including Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, Canada, and Cameroon.

Our week together was high-energy, fast-moving, and filled with transformation. From sharing the depths of our personal stories, building community across our lines of difference, and learning innovative approaches to creating social change, we stepped deeply into the power of our generation and the possibility of our time.

Throughout the arc of the week, participants were empowered to facilitate the WakeUp experience, to launch a Thrive Hub at their school or in their community, and gained Thrive Leadership skills to support them living their fullest potential and helping to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world. In the middle of the week, we hosted a special multi-generational World Cafe with members of the local community where we explored how we can learn & take action together across generations in service of a better world.

Participants came from a wide range of backgrounds. Emily Carpenter is a 17 year old student from Brooklyn who attends the School of the Future in New York and uses to power of spoken word to inspire awareness & action in others. Gabriela Gutierrez is a student living in Bogota, Colombia where she is working to create a Spanish-language version of the WakeUp. Lisa Walters and Ryan-Patrick McLaughlin attended the training from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where they are integrating the work of GenUp with their work at the Embrey Center for Human Rights. Ana Lee and Lara Ruegg are two seniors at Napa High School that are working to transform both their school and the broader Napa Valley region of California.

As a new season kicks off, these young leaders are igniting their schools, campuses, and communities with the spirit of possibility and the tools of transformation & change.

Learn about our GenUp Summer Leadership Training in Australia taking place this January, and stay tuned for further details about our 2013 GenUp Summer Leadership Academy in North America!


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