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Launch a Thrive Hub in your campus or community!

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Generation Waking Up is excited to be launching the next phase in our programmatic work, a network of Thrive Hubs. These “hubs of change” are an exciting way for young people to sustain the awareness, energy, and commitment that is ignited at WakeUps and our training programs.

A Thrive Hub is a creative space for diverse changemakers to build community & connections, to learn & grow together, and to take collaborative action to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world.

What makes a Thrive Hub unique? Why should you consider launching a Thrive Hub on your campus or in your community?

  • A Thrive Hub connects a community within a shared context and purpose that allows for meaningful relationships and collaborations across lines of difference.

  • A Thrive Hub focuses on personal, interpersonal, and systemic transformation as an integral approach to creating societal change.

  • A Thrive Hub works toward a positive vision of a thriving, just, sustainable world, giving rise to holistic solutions rather than focusing on seemingly separate “problems.”

  • A Thrive Hub taps into the wisdom & creativity of a community using innovative tools to create transformational conversations, breakthrough solutions, and impactful projects.

  • A Thrive Hub amplifies the collective efforts of a community by creating connection, conversation, and collaboration amongst a whole community, increasing our collective impact.

  • A Thrive Hub engages in a constant process of action-learning, continuing to reflect, learn, adapt, and evolve as it grows in its community.

Like so many great projects in our user-generated, participatory age, the Thrive Hub model and network is being created by a community of people who are experimenting and learning together.

Join the adventure today! 

Read the Thrive Hub Toolkit (beta) and start organizing a Thrive Hub at your school or in your community today.

To get involved or inquire further, contact us at!

(Learn more about Thrive Hubs by reading the recent blog The Beginning of Thrive WashU: An Experiment in Collaborative Social Change.)

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