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Transition Challenge 2013

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As our collective awakening continues to gather momentum for a global transformation, we are beginning to see a surge of innovation and collaboration coming from local communities. Not only are people Waking Up to our current crisis, but also coming together, building relationships and taking action to create real changes.

During the month of May, join thousands of people across the country taking action to rise to the challenge of food, water, and energy independence through the Transition Challenge. Organized by our friends at Transition US, the Transition Challenge is an opportunity to get your hands dirty, create something beautiful, and be counted as part of a bigger movement toward community resilience in the face of climate change and peak oil.

Last year Transition US registered over 4,000 actions in communities across the country. Folks picked up their shovels and tools, helped construct rainwater-harvesting systems, and installed solar panels. Abandoned lots were converted into green oases and school children pulled weeds and planted tomato starts. When these individual actions occur on a large scale, we energize and engage our communities and show the world what is possible.

To participate in this year’s challenge, you can create your own project or volunteer on a community project in one of four areas: foodwaterenergy, and community. Transition US has plenty of ideas and how-to guides listed on their website, but the sky is the limit. Whether your “something beautiful” takes the form of a community garden, a compost pile, or even a graywater system, it brings us one step closer to the world we want to live in.

Make sure to register your project to be counted, and feel free to send updates and photos to the TUS team to share and inspire others with your ideas!

The best way to make our community more food and energy independent is to do it ourselves. It’s our community and WE make a difference …especially when we work together. Tell your friends — invite them to the Transition Challenge.




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