Sep 9, 2013/01:32 PM

GenUp Action Campaigns!

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GenUp is excited to announce it’s new partnerships with growing movements that are addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time and working towards gamechanging solutions.

Through a collaborative effort, Generation Waking Up is aligning with three initial action campaigns. These campaigns are focused on our efforts in the United States and provide concrete pathways for changemakers to engage directly in systemic change.


1) Fossil Fuel Divestment  GenUp is partnering with to get large institutions like universities, cities, and churches to move their investments out of fossil fuel companies, and to build the political power necessary to catalyze decisive action on climate change.




2) Reclaiming Democracy  In recognizing that a major obstacle to progress on almost any issue we care about is the influence of money in politics, GenUp is pointing people to Rootstrikers and Move to Amend to address this systemic problem and to reclaim our democracy.




3) Ending Mass Incarceration  Finally, we are linking folks who want to learn and get engaged in transforming our justice system to “The New Jim Crow” study guide and regional initiatives to end mass incarceration.




Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we officially launch our partnerships with these action campaigns and provide more information on how to get involved!

Please check out our Action Portal for more resources on how to engage with more organizations and important issues of our times.

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