Our generation is writing a new story about what it means to be in relationship with nature and the natural environment. Previous cultural beliefs viewed nature as force which humans should harness and control for our own good. There was also the belief that nature was separate from us, and that there is an unlimited amount of nature to exploit, with no consequences. This belief has brought us to the brink of a unimaginably disastrous environmental crises. Many interlinked issues, such as Climate Change, Deforestation, Mass Extinction, Mountaintop Removal, Oil Spills, drought, and many others, represent the relationship society has had with nature for the past several hundred years. We now know enough is enough, and that it is time to forge a much more harmonious and sustainable relationship to the natural environment.

Climate Change

Organizations + Campaigns


Siera Club Student Coalition

Energy Action Coalition: The hub of the youth climate movement

We are Powershift: Global Movement

Alliance for Climate Education

Films, Books, and Videos

 An Inconvenient Truth - film by Al Gore

The End of Nature - book by Bill McKibben

"Global Warming's Terrifying New Math" - Article in Rolling Stone, July 2012 by Bill McKibben

"A link between climate change and extreme weather? Never." via Plomomedia.com

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Conservation and Preservation 

Organizations + Campaigns

The Pachamama Alliance 

National Resource Defense Council

Friends of The Earth

World Wildlife Foundation 

Mountaintop Removal

Organizations + Campaigns 

EarthJustice: Be a Mountain Hero 


Renewable Energy and “Green” Technology

Organizations + Campaigns

The Energy Founcation 
Green Biz 
Sierra Club Clean Energy
100 % Renweable  Energy
Social Venture Network 
Green Technology Alliance

Videos, Books, and Films