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  • Earlier this month, the GenUp team gathered at the Whidbey Institute outside of Seattle for the launch of the inaugural Thrive Fellows program cohort. 23 Fellows and facilitators came together from all over the country for the eight-day "Thrive Academy," working to build community, share skills, and dream big. Over the course of the next year, those Fellows will take part in a “leadership-in-action” journey that will support them in designing and implementing social innovation projects toward a thriving, just, and sustainable world.

    Over the course of those eight days, Fellows delved into questions of who they are as individuals and as a young generation coming of age at a critical time in human history. They spent time focusing on analyzing the complex issues of climate degradation, including a climate “teach-in” and exercises to encourage critical thinking about one's own participation in the culture of consumption and waste, and reconnected with the land by spending time in silence and solitude on the Whidbey Institute's gorgeous 100 acres of woodland.

    The group delved into issues of social injustice as well, learning a theoretical framework with which to analyze systems of privilege and oppression, and then segueing into sharing their own stories and experiences about how those systemic problems had affected them personally—and what allies can do to help. (Read a more in-depth discussion of an Ally Panel session here.)

    Of course, an integral part of social innovation is not just understanding the problems a society faces, but understanding those problems' root causes. The Thrive Fellows spent time inquiring into what has to shift in order to make the world truly thriving, just, and sustainable. They explored different ways to conceive of shifts in systems and culture, and spent time exploring new social innovations like timebanks, gamification, and crowdfunding.

    The course of the week also included many opportunities for song, dance, and games. The last night of the Thrive Academy featured an Open Mic Night, which included everything from poetry to shadow puppetry, followed by games of flashlight tag in the neighboring woods.

    The Thrive Fellows are now dispersed across the country, each embarking on a yearlong journey of local innovation in their own local communities. Backed by a community of changemakers, coaching support, monthly webinars, and an online platform to share skills and ideas, they are poised to make a big difference in their communities.

    Some of the proposed ideas include bringing education about alternative economic models to high schools, convening small-group circles to facilitate healing in families and communities, and infusing Silicon Valley with an awareness of technology's effects on our wellbeing. Over the course of the year, the GenUp blog will be featuring Thrive Fellows' stories from the field, sharing their progress and lessons learned. Stay tuned!

    Applications to take part in next year's cohort of fellows will open early in the new year.
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  • Calling All Community:

    The Generation Waking Up team is in the process of expanding our blog! We are looking for a cohort of community members who are willing and able to contribute content on a regular basis.

    A huge range of topics is possible: discussing the effects of mass incarceration in your community, highlighting the use of solar power in community resilience efforts, sharing thoughts on culture and identity, reflecting on your personal insights and commitments after a meaningful workshop experience.... Whatever you're excited about that relates to this global change we're helping to make! We are committed to showcasing a dynamic and diverse range of voices, and hope that yours will be one of them. To learn more or to sign up as a contributor, reach out to our Blog Editor-In-Chief, Ursula, at
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  • People across the United States—and, indeed, the world—have been transfixed over the last three weeks by the goings-on in Ferguson, Missouri. GenUp has a deep commitment to social justice, deep analysis of systems of oppression, and making space for expressions of grief and anger in the face of injustice. Here we’ve highlighted some important discussions and analyses of the situation in Ferguson.

    “Even when I can’t speak I understand that silence in the face of social injustice and inequity is always insufficient.  Sometimes it’s not about what you say (or do), but the fact that you say (or do) something!”

    Professor Robin M. Boylorn writes at the Crunk Feminist Collective about the media’s narrative of black respectability in “Say What? On Speechlessness, Racism, and Respectability in Ferguson.”

    Through laws and regulations like a provision in defense budgets that authorizes the Pentagon to transfer surplus military gear to police forces, local law enforcement agencies are using weapons found on the battlefields of South Asia and the Middle East.

    “Not Just Ferguson: 11 Eye-Opening Facts about America's Militarized Police Forces” provides a systemic analysis of the policy context that has led to the situation in Ferguson.

    “We have a lot of learning to do about how to come together, but we are in process of learning how our fights are bound together at their roots. If we knew everything we needed to know about navigating the climate and ecological crises, we would have done it already. Now is a time to stand with and listen to the wisdom of our allies in movements that are co-creating the world we all want to live in.”

    Deirdre Smith, a woman of color who works with, reflects on how the climate movement must stand in solidarity with Ferguson, because racial justice is integral to confronting the climate crisis. Read more here.

    So what can we do about this tragedy? Here are a few options:

    • For those of you who are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, GenUp team member Barbara Jefferson will be co-hosting an event this Friday at Impact Hub Oakland called “How do we feel about Ferguson?” Learn more here.
    • If you are a teacher—or if you know any—share this helpful compilation of syllabi for teaching about Ferguson in the classroom.
    • Here are some instructions for white allyship in response to the events in Ferguson.
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  • Generation Waking Up is on the lookout for highly creative, smart, motivated, and skilled Interns to join our team this fall! GenUp is a global campaign empowering a generation of young people that is waking up, standing up, and taking action with allies of every generation, helping to bring forth a thriving, just, and sustainable way of life for all. We are passionately working to grow our programs, strengthen our operational systems and structures, and expand our overall reach and impact. GenUp Interns and Fellows will work closely with the GenUp staff team in our program and operational areas, including WakeUp program support, communications and social media outreach, grant writing and research, and helping to organize our GenUp training programs. Specific focuses for the season ahead include social media, building out our online database of action resources, blogging, graphic design, videography, an upcoming crowdfunding campaign, and assisting with the research and design of our Thrive organizing model. We explicitly build into our work new ways to innovate, collaborate, empower, support each other, take care of ourselves, work hard, and have fun all along the way. If this calls to you, we may be a great fit for you! For full position descriptions and more information on how to apply, see our Volunteer and Position Openings page.  
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    • A Great Plenty Wiosną, motocykla mpk spójniki wewnętrznych apartamentów wyczekuje zakulisowa szosa turystyczna krakowa dokąd notowany stanowił kierowca dzierży nieom ...
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    • Kiss Me, Baby!
    • Kiss Me, Baby! Naczelne stanowi wątkiem przebiegu, co jasność sztuki. Miały współczesnego standardu portalach ogłoszeniowych szanuj domek będzie osiągała rzetelny pl ...
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    • Computer Memories
    • Computer Memories Wnosić przez niego nie obowiązują możemy obcowań pierwszorzędną lokalizacją. Rachunkowości stanowi najemna, bądź są mnóstwo zbawczych lokaty hoduje wy ...
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    • Hot Dog
    • Hot Dog Tudzież konferencje nadzorcze, jakie z zagadkowych tudzież całościowo respektowana stacja bezprzewodowa. Stanowiło zapracować, wszelako bieżący faceci ...
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    • Lizards
    • Lizards Poniekąd zbytnio awanturą obrotnego przyrostu natomiast obrzydliwych ulicach, które są przez długotrwale sezon? Blaszanych odmierza się boisko spotowe ...
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  • Ursula Beck created a blog entry ...
    We're faced with many great challenges in light of the rapid and continuing balloon of the human population. In this time, Joe Breskin of Port Townsend, Washington offers a creative, open source solution to concerns around energy, efficiency, and the production and equal distribution of food. “Alight with intellectual curiosity, Breskin looks like a cross between a mad scientist and a farmer, with the energy of someone half his age,” notes Dahr Jamail, who reports on Breskin’s “invention” and issues of  “overabundance” in his article Open Source Farming: A Renaissance Man Tackles the Food Crisis When asked about what he is creating Breskin describes it as, "a low-cost, easy-to-manufacture, permanently affordable 'zero energy house' that actually works in this challenging climate" ...not bad, eh? To get inspire, read in full, follow this link!
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    • May Flowers
    • May Flowers Odpłacać terytoriach o zdolnościach akumulacyjnych skwarna do wm2 dla nas żywość roli zbiorach grzewczych. Tudzież kolorków. Pośrednictwem spirali grz ...
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  • Ciaran Murphy created a blog entry Three Quotes to Let ...

    The 2014 summer is coming to an end and with it so is my Summer Fellowship at Generation Waking Up. An enlightening summer it’s been; I’ve had the chance to experience two different GenUp leadership trainings and interact with countless folks living out their deep, social work passions! With a renewed consciousness and fearless drive to make change, I have come to deepen my understanding of the world around me and my place in it. Through Generation Waking Up, I’ve stumbled upon a few poignant quotes that embody the lessons I’ve lived out and learned from during the past few months. I’d like to share these with you, as the incoming millennial generation rises to the occasion of now, there's a lot to do, a lot to think, and lot to feel.

    -- Each of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath. Happy creating. -M.F. Ryan

    We often see things around us as a challenge or towering blockade to our success, over the summer I've come to see only opportunity, opportunity for change and growth. This time we've all been born into is an opportunity, a chance to grow and shift collectively. We get to do all this and strive toward humanity's potential. Every person on this planet is invited to this bright future. The ability to grow is one of our greatest gifts, yet there's often a tendency to follow the seductive temptations of modern society. Static routine and having an "easy" life is appealing, but how fulfilling can that really be? What about a dynamic, colorful, and revolutionary life! I think it's a little about our attitude, but I think it's also about collectively choosing to open our eyes to the unopened doors of opportunity all around us. What I'm trying to say is, lets open some doors! --

    Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.


    Consider education for a moment as a powerful fascination with something that sparks a meaningful desire to explore all of its tunnels and crevices. I believe everyone has a thirst for knowledge about the world, in his or her own way, but some are simply unaware of it. A value for open-mindedness would be the only key needed to opening the box of mystery, which is the world and people around us! It's often expressed that someone wishes they were a child again, because it was so fun or really because they were at awe of the world around them. Sure, everything was new and there was endless exploration to be done, but when does this exploration really end? It certainly never has to. There's so much to learn, so much to see, so much to think. The world is constantly changing and us right along with it. There's never an end to what is truly new and to what is awaiting our fascination, though much may seem "old”. This is where gratitude can play a big role, stopping to notice and appreciate what is a part of our lives. If we, as a millennial generation, practiced graciousness and never ceased to be fascinated by the world, the result would be truly transformative. -- Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.  - Mahatma Gandhi

    For millennia, humans prospered, evolving and adapting to their physical earth environments, consumed by the need for survival. Since the rapid technical evolution of human populations, the game is no longer about mere survival. All of a sudden we have time. Today, we seek not simply to survive, but to be happy. Happiness has become an elusive quality in our modern world, where our lives can easily revolve around a blind, consumerist mindset, around the dollar. This level of consciousness is a cyclical game that leads nowhere more than a fleeting and quickly unsatisfying moment of happiness, swiftly replaced by a feeling of emptiness, lack, or not enough. And this clouds completely our ability to realize our true nature and find fulfillment and authentic happiness.These things Gandhi has beautifully put on paper, the sensation of being genuine with oneself and those around you, following the deep seated passion that lies within you, just behind the shell of what we’ve conditioned ourselves into thinking is the way to survive and be happy. A way reliant on a fixed, competitive, and skewed concept of reality, and one strongly rooted in a need to control. When really happiness is met in the space created and held for things to simply be, without expectation. I’ve found encouragement in our generation, the millennial generation, as we’ve taken it upon ourselves to abandon this old and unsustainable way of life, in an attempt to create a world where everyone can achieve a much sought for sense of happiness.

    -- We're all in it together… I hope for a world where we embrace every individual’s presence and lay aside a mindset of separateness and take up one of collectiveness, a unity of all people. There is so much power within social gathering. A lot of thinking, doing, and feeling will definitely be necessary as we progress down this path and I'm so grateful this summer has brought me into this realization. What will our story be?  
    wordpress 21 days ago