ReGeneration Curriculum

“Perhaps the most valuable heritage we can provide for future generations is some sense of the Great Work that is before them.” ~Thomas Berry

Today’s young people are coming of age at a critical moment in history, facing both complex and interconnected challenges like no generation before, and a profound opportunity to remake our world. While this is clearly a daunting global moment marked by unprecedented inequality, economic instability, over-consumption, loss of meaning, climate change, and ecological unraveling, it is also an incredibly exciting time to be young and alive. The largest social movement in human history is building momentum and is transforming every sector of society. It is a movement that is being led by young global citizens everywhere who are finding their role in creating a thriving, just, and sustainable world for all.

For the past 3 years, Generation Waking Up (GenUp) has been igniting thousands of young changemakers through educational workshops and leadership training programs across North America. As our work has spread, there has been a growing request to tailor our curriculum for teachers, classrooms, and small groups. Generation Waking Up is excited to be meeting this demand by creating a modular curriculum infused with the passion and inspiration of our work and integrates the most essential topics and tools for being a changemaker in the 21st century.

ReGeneration – A Global Citizenship Curriculum will be a multidisciplinary curriculum that provides high school students with a big picture understanding of today’s global challenges and opportunities, educates them around the interrelatedness of our most pressing issues, and offers tools and resources for students to identify issues and find their role in making a difference at school, in the community, and in our world at large. Students will:

● Gain a big picture global awareness

● Develop capacities and competencies for the 21st century

● Strengthen their understanding of social justice, environmental sustainability, and human thriving

● Explore their role as a global citizen and how to create positive change socially, culturally, and environmentally

● Discover ways to better align their lifestyles with their values

● Explore their purpose & vision, and create an action plan for taking the next steps in their leadership

● Participate in and contribute to the community at a range of levels from local to global

The Curriculum

The curriculum is being developed over the course 2014 through extensive research, focus conversations, piloting, and an intergenerational advisory council. It will be composed of classroom modules, a teacher guide, a student workbook, and an online learning community. As a multidisciplinary curriculum pulling from many fields, it will align with the Common Core, 21st Century Skills, and Social Emotional Learning standards. Educators will be able to offer it as part of a variety of classes - history, english, sociology, global studies - or as an after-school study program for student leaders. The pedagogy will include a blend of participatory group process, personal inquiry, small group dialogue, interactive exercises, action learning, and multimedia elements.

Some of the proposed curricular themes include: Global Citizenship * Social Justice * Environmental Sustainability * Human Thriving * New Economy * Interconnectedness * Systems Thinking * Ecological Awareness * The Power of Story to Inspire Social Change * Worldviews * Healthy Living Practices * Emotional Intelligence * Authentic Communication * Collaboration & Shared Leadership * Community Organizing * Theories of Change * Social Innovation * Creative Problem-Solving * Goal-Setting and Project Planning * Collective Impact

The RegenerationCurriculum is being developed for high school students and teachers initially, with the intention to adapt it further for college and university students as well as lifelong learners.

Team Bios

Emily Zionts earned a MA in Peace Education in 2009 at The United Nations University for Peace and spent the next four years teaching international social justice issues and activism to teens. Through her international travel, service work, and time spent as a teacher and student; Emily has found a calling in education at the intersection of ecology, economics, and social justice. Her current pursuit of a PhD in Sustainability Education from Prescott College will be immediately applicable in designing this curriculum.

Joshua Gorman studied ‘Global Youth & Social Change’ at George Mason University and supports youth-led action around the world. He is the Coordinator of Generation Waking Up and is a leading voice around the paradigm-shifting role of the Millennial generation. Joshua is a lifelong student of human development and transformational education with a focus on providing young people the experiences, knowledge, and skills they need to thrive in the twenty-first century.

Cherine Badawi received her Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies from UNC, Chapel Hill and her Master's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from ICU in Tokyo, Japan. She has worked as a Senior Leader for Challenge Day and as the Curriculum and Training Director of The Mosaic Project. Cherine currently works as an independent consultant offering instructional design and facilitation to a broad client base specializing in diversity and intercultural capacity building, leadership development, team building, and facilitating transformational experiences that bring diverse individuals and communities together in authentic, purposeful exchange.