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Though few people know it, one of the most notable eras of social transformation – the Renaissance – was funded by a small group of inspired investors. As we move toward an era of global transformation, we would like to invite you to play that same role by becoming a founding member of our GenUp Giving Circle, a highly committed group of supporters who significantly invest in our work over the years to come. As an organization lifting off with tremendous power and potential, your contribution will help us grow and rapidly go to scale in all the ways our world is calling for.

Five Levels of our Giving Circle

Seeding Circle – $1000

Sprouting Circle – $2500

Growing Circle – $5000

Thriving Circle – $10,000

Global Transformation Circle – $25,000 or above

Make A Multi-Year Commitment

As a member of our Giving Circle, we would also like you to consider committing to make your donation over the course of the next four years as we go to scale (your donation will be made on an annual basis). Making a multi-year commitment ensures our long-term financial sustainability and strength, and allows you to be a significant part of our work from lift-off to our going to scale.

Membership Benefits

As a member of our Giving Circle, you will receive a number of special benefits:

> Monthly updates with all of our latest news & stories

> A copy of the book Generation We: How Millennial Youth Are Taking Over And Changing Our World Forever

> One-on-one time with members of our Core Team

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 Please contact Piya Banerjee, our Core Team member accountable for Development for any questions/ comments  at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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