Thrive Hubs

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What is a Thrive Hub?

A Thrive Hub is a creative space for diverse young people to build community & connections, to learn & grow together, and to take action on collaborative projects & initiatives as they bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world. 

Why Thrive Hubs, Why Now? 

We live in a time of urgent, interconnected global crises – crises of the environment, social justice, and the human spirit.  Many young people lack pathways to action, and many of the existing efforts at change are splintered and slow-moving.

Imagine young people finding meaning, purpose, and direction as they take action together toward lasting change, starting with their own communities.  Imagine diverse organizations and movements working together toward a shared vision.  And imagine campuses and communities, tapping into collective wisdom and taking action to become models of the world we wish to see.

Thrive Hubs offer a simple and powerful model for making this vision a reality.

Essential Elements of a Thrive Hub

A Thrive Hub has three circles of activity: Community, Learning, and Action.  Each has three key aspects:


1. Leadership
2. Relationships
3. Culture


4. Education
5. Dialogue
6. Training


7. Service
8. Campaigns
9. Entrepreneurship

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