Facilitate the WakeUp

Want to spread the story of what's happening in our world and what we can do about it?  Or, are you already spreading the story and looking for a powerful new tool in your toolbox?  Here is what to do to become a WakeUp Facilitator:

  1. Learn more about the WakeUp and find the support, tools, and info you need to facilitate a successful WakeUp on our Resources page.

  2. Interested in being trained as a WakeUp Facilitator?  Organize a 1 Day WakeUp Facilitator Introduction at your school or in your community, or attend one of our upcoming WakeUp Facilitator Training programs.
  3. Sign up as a Facilitator and join our growing global WakeUp Facilitator community, so other WakeUp Facilitators and Hosts can find you.

  4. Looking for support as you organize your WakeUp?  Find nearby WakeUp Hosts, WakeUp Facilitators, local Thrive Hub Organizers, and other GenUp leaders.

  5. Promote your WakeUp so others can find and attend, by registering on our map!