WakeUp Next Steps

next steps wakeup next steps

Now that you've atended a WakeUp and are ready to take action, here are some key next steps to support you on your path as a changemaker!

1) SIGN UP ON THE GENUP EMAIL LISTStay connected to Generation Waking Up by receiving regular GenUpdates about all that is happening locally and globally. 

2) OFFER YOUR FEEDBACK - The WakeUp curriculum is always being developed and adapted from the feedback we receive. Help us evolve the program to be as powerful & dynamic as possible!

3) JOIN THE MYGENUP COMMUNITY PLATFORM - Connect with others who live near you and share similar interests, and find groups in your area by joining our online community platform. 

4) HOST A WAKEUP - The WakeUp is an experience that everyone can learn from. Help host a WakeUp for your friends, school, conference, or group.

5) BECOME A WAKEUP FACILITATOR - The WakeUp is a tool designed for everyone to share and spread this message so we can mobilize a movement to change our world. Become a WakeUp facilitator so that you can share this message with your friends, at your school, and in your community. 

6) JOIN OR START A LOCAL THRIVE HUB - Put your inspiration into action by being part of a local Thrive Hub creating a model in your community of a thriving, just, sustainable world. If there's not already a hub at your school or in your community, consider forming a team to start one. 

7) ATTEND A GENUP LEADERSHIP TRAINING - To create the dreams and impact that we all long for takes training and skills. Attend a Generation Waking Up training where you can develop the skills and capacities you need to be a leader in your community. 

8) VISIT THE ACTION PORTAL - There is a groundswell of groups and organizations that are taking action to transform every sector of our society. Visit our action portal and connect with other groups that you can learn from and get involved with.