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Who is a GenUp GameChanger?

  • Someone who is inspired by the potential of the largest generation of young people in history to wake up and create a new world
  • Someone who recognizes that many of our systems are breaking down and you are ready to the change the game 
  • Someone who is committed to investing a monthly recurring donation of any amount towards the building of a thriving world for all 

Why Become a GenUp GameChanger?

Generation Waking Up is a global campaign to ignite a generation of young people to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world. We recognize the interconnectedness of many broken systems - economic, political, environmental, and social - and we know that our generation has the tools, knowledge, and energy needed to change the game. Through our educational programs, leadership trainings, and movement building, we are catalyzing a new generation of changemakers and helping to unite all of our efforts to create a better world. 

Combined together, the monthly donations of our GenUp GameChangers provide us with our core monthly income and are the heartbeat of our work - allowing us to build our campaign with confidence. Your support as a GenUp GameChanger will help ensure that our WakeUps continue to ignite hundreds of young people in schools and communities; that young leaders from around the globe will be able to attend our transformational leadership trainings; and that our Thrive Hub model will foster the building of thriving, just, and sustainable communities everywhere.

What we already have 

A powerful story. A serious call to action. An effective set of tools (from the WakeUp to our Thrive Hubs model) to create lasting change. The people power of the largest generation in all history who can come together to bring forth a new world. 

What we need from you 

A commitment to join the movement - to invest in our generation and to help change the game!

Become a GenUp GameChanger Today

Our GenUp GameChangers 

Why are people everywhere choosing to change the game with how they invest their resources? Learn more about our GenUp GameChangers by clicking on their profiles below. 


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Become a GenUp GameChanger Today
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